Company's Background And History

Business activity commence in year 2000, we progress our business from Winsor Trading.

Our initial business activities only involve in the fabrication and sales of PVC doors. Later in year 2003, our business activities venture into plywood doors and local solid decorative timber doors and locks etc.

We expand and trade under "V-Sor Trading Sdn Bhd" in year 2005.

In year 2008, our business expand to varieties of locks and doors related iron mongeries, and sale of varieties imported quality doors.

In year 2009, we advertise to become the most varieties of PVC doors and wooden doors displayed in showroom in town, or even in whole of Sabah.

We diversified and trade under "House of Doors Sdn Bhd" in 2015.

Business Activities


More than 100 different types/varieties of PVC doors, local Other Timber (OT) doors, Imported high quality doors make of wood like Nyatoh, Merpauh etc., are on display here.

Our showroom currently display the most varieties of quality doors, PVC doors, OT Timber Doors in town if not the whole of Sabah. Counting more than hundreds of types and pattern for immediate sale.


Storage of doors and value added work for doors are in our wholesale store.

Dealers, Contractors, Projects

We welcome any dealers, contractors or projects. For further enquiries, please kindly contact us.